industry nine ENDURO

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 חישוקים מדגם ENDURO

מגיעים ברוחב חיצוני של 31.5 ופנימי של 26 מ"מ

 יש במגוון גדלים 26-27.5-29 אינץ,ובשלל צבעים לבחירה של נאבות ושפיצים.

משקל לסט גלגלים מתחיל מ1680 גרם

-Lightweight. The new Torch hub and spoke platform have cut an incredible amount of weight without sacrificing strength or performance. The tapered spokes are thicker without being heavy, the hubshell is lighter without loosing it's strength, and the drivering is thinner while maintaining it's quick engagement.

-Durability. By utilizing Teflon shields and O-rings that snap onto the endcaps, our hubs have two seals on each bearing to help keep grit out, significantly increasing the bearing life. Which helps you stay out of bike shops and onto the Trails -where you belong.

-Compatibility. We made the world's most convertible hub over 8 years ago, and the new Torch will continue to keep you safe from new standards by easily swapping endcaps to adapt to new standards. QR, 15mm, 12×142, 9mm thru, Boost 15×110 & Boost 12×148 -we've got you covered. We even make a Lefty hub.

-Performance. Through clever bearing arrangement in the freehub, we have managed to keep the 3° engagement, yet eliminate the drag. Thicker spokes stiffen up the ride without making it harsh, and an oversized axle efficiently delivers the power. Ratcheting over rocks, boosting through berms, and making your buddies look like hacks has never been so easy.

-Traction. The massive 26mm internal width of the Enduro rim provides more volume and support for tires, leaving you with better traction and less flats. Couple that with our tubeless technology, and you can run into, over, or through just about anything with impunity.