industry nine TRAIL245

סדרת חישוקי TRAIL 245 הם הסדרה הכי נמכרת בקטגוריה

מגיעים ברוחב חיצוני של 28.5 ופנימי 24.5 מ"מ

 יש במגוון גדלים 26-27.5-29 אינץ,ובשלל צבעים לבחירה של נאבות ושפיצים.

וכמו כן יש את סדרת ה trail 245 24 hole.

משקל לסט גלגלים מתחיל מ1480 גרם

Trail245 delivers – boasting a wider 24.5mm internal width, 1mm wider bead seat per side, and .5mm shorter bead wall from the original Trail for improved tire performance and increased “burp” resistance at low pressures. We have also improved impact resistance with a thicker bead wall and tapered downwall construction that puts more material in the “impact” zone where it's needed most. Trail245 features an attractive graphic package that'll meld with any build, and is available with black rims and eleven different hub and spoke color options, including our new Lime Green color. As always, if you can dream it up, we can build it!